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We received this question from a reader named Leena recently:

Subject: Comparing Razor A A2 and A3
Can’t readily find a comparison between the three; trying to figure out which to buy for my almost 6-year-old’s birthday.  Can you help?

Well Leena, hope it’s not too late to choose.  Seems like there are lots of different Razor scooter model lines out there. Some have obvious differences, like the Razor Spark scooter, the Razor Powerwing, or the Razor Ultra Pro line.  However, the traditional regular Razor scooters seem to come in a variety of flavors, and there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of information about the differences between all the Razor A line of kids scooters. Let’s clear the scooter air “A” little shall we?

Want the summary?  Click on any of the links below for more details:

Razor A – original model, no wheelie bar, 98mm wheels, 143lbs max weight

Razor A2 – slightly improved model, wheelie bar, shock absorbing front wheel 143 lbs max weight

Razor A3 – practically identical to the A2 but with bigger wheels and better bearings 143 lbs max weight

Razor Pro – bigger, studier, and better performing than the A3, full deck grip tape and bigger handle grips, 220 lbs max weight

Razor A Scooter

The Razor A was more or less the original Razor scooter model first offered in 2000.  It has the standard Razor foldable design, 98mm sized wheels, is for kids 5 and up and has a maximum allowable weight of 143 pounds.  It comes in a variety of colors and the suggested retail price on the Razor A is $39.99.   However, you can order them for as low as $29 with free shipping by clicking HERE.

Note that you’ll occasionally find a Razor AW scooter out there.  That’s the exact same Razor A, but with a wheelie bar on the back.  It is apparently a special model sold only at Walmart.

Razor A2 Scooter

The Razor A2 is a slight step up from the A.  The basic model and folding scooter design is identical, but the A2 includes a shock absorbing front wheel and a wheelie bar on the back.  Most serious scooter riders do NOT like a wheelie bar on their scooter, as it gets in the way during tricks and can easily trip up a serious trick scooter rider.  If you see your youngster getting into some serious pro scooter tricks, move on to the Razor Pro.

The suggested retail price on the Razor A2 is $49.99, but you can typically find them for around $37 at Amazon by clicking HERE.

Razor A3 Scooter

The Razor A3 is another slight step up from the A2.  It’s virtually identical, except that they replaced the wheels larger wheels.  Otherwise there is little difference.  The specs say it has ABEC-5 “high speed” bearings, while the A and A2 only have ABEC-5s.  The larger wheels and better bearings will give your scooter rider a MUCH smoother ride, as well as better control.  It does NOT however change the Razor A line weight range, which is still 143 pounds.

The suggested retail price on the Razor A3 is $59.99, however, click here to find the “clear” version of the Razor A3 on sale for only $44

Razor Pro Scooter

The Razor Pro Scooter was called the Razor B Scooter for a time, which sounds good from the whole B comes after A perspective, but not so good from the whole “Grade A” perspective.  To avoid confusion it was renamed the Razor A4 Scooter, which also confused the heck out of people since it’s fairly different quality than the rest of the Razor A scooter line and the only one with a higher weight range than 143 lbs.

Thus the Razor Pro scooter was born.  Don’t confuse it with the Razor Ultra Pro either, the regular old Pro folds up like the rest of the A line while the Ultra Pro is fixed.

What’s the difference?  Take the A, make it of 100% aircraft grade aluminum, add high quality ABEC-5 bearings but keep the 98mm wheels, add thicker scooter grips and throw grip tape the full length of the deck (the part you stand on).  The general consensus is the Razor Pro feels better, rides better, and handles better than the rest of the A line while performing scooter tricks.  It’s also the ONLY Razor A type scooter for most average sized adults.

The suggested retail price of the Razor Pro Scooter is $79, but you can find one for $51 by clicking HERE.

But Which Razor Scooter Should I Buy?

If cost is a huge issue, buy the Razor A for $29.  Otherwise, get the Razor A3 for $44.  Don’t bother with the A2.  If you are an adult who likes doing scooter tricks, the only choice is the Razor Pro for $51.

Hope that helps!