Kids Scooter Spotlight – Razor A Kick Scooter


Considered by many to have spawned the modern kick scooter craze, the Razor “A” 2 wheel scooter was the first mass produced aluminum scooter to really catch on in the United States back in 2000.  Unknown to many, the modern aluminum kick scooter was dreamed up by an ex-banker in Switzerland named Wim Ouboter and was introduced by the Micro Mobility Systems company in 1996, not by Razor.  The scooters quickly caught on in Japan and made their way to the United States where the Razor scooter was born as a cheaper mass produced version of the Micro aluminum two wheeled scooter.

They quickly gained popularity, becoming an icon of the Dot Com boom era where up and coming 20 something millionaires would ride them around their companies and cities.  Of course not long after they would be riding them to the unemployment lines, but that’s a story for another day.

The Razor A Kick Scooter is a remarkably simple device.  A solid aluminum scooter deck holds two rollerblade sized wheels while the handle bars are attached to a pole that is mounted to the deck via a folding mechanism.  At only 7 pounds, it is lighter than many laptop computers, perfect for short trips where the scooter can be folded up and carried with the rider.  Of course, it’s maximum load is rated at 144 pounds, putting it out of range for all but the smallest adults, but for most kids and teens, it’s a great way to get around and a lot of fun.

The Razor A scooter price is right for most kids and teens also.  At only $25-$35 for most colors, it’s far cheaper than any other wheeled form of transportation, especially bicycles.


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