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Maxi Kick Scooter Review – 3 Wheels+1 Stick=Fun

Saw some kids riding some really cool looking 3-wheeled scooters the other day. Rather than having traditional scooter handle bars they had a stick coming up and the kids would steer by leaning from side to side. I was able to look them up online, apparently they were the Maxi Kick Scooter from MicroMini, the makers of the original modern kick scooters before they were made mainstream and popularized by Razor.

The steering column is called “pilot steering” by the company and it sure does look cool, allowing for great control while keeping it fun.  They can turn quickly without allowing the kid riding it to flip or turn sideways easily.

Here is what we found out about the Maxi Kick:

  • The Maxi Kick is for kids 6-10 years of age
  • The Maxi Kick max size is 120 lbs, this is not an adult scooter.
  • Combined plastic and aluminum construction.   The mix keeps it light and flexible without the rigidity of a solid aluminum scooter.
  • Awesome steering. The pilot stick steering lets the kids hang on and maneuver the Maxi Kick easily.
  • Expensive, but darn cool. At $149.99, the Maxi Kick is not for those light of wallet. When compared with traditional metal two wheel scooters ($50-$70 a good Razor two wheel metal scooter) they do cost more.
  • Standard step on scooter brake in the back
  • Appears to use standard blade scooter wheels

Here is a video of the Maxi Kick in action:

This looks like a much more stable scooter to ride than any of the 2 wheel models.  The kids were riding along the bike path very quickly and smoothly, none of the typical wobble you’ll see with kids riding a 2 wheeled scooter, especially when turning.  That and the stick steering seems far more fun to drive than your typical scooter.

Click here for more info on the Maxi Kick Scooter

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