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We recently had a reader ask how old a child should be to ride an electric scooter. This depends on a number of factors, which I’ll try to address here.

Electric Scooters Are NOT For Kids Under 8 Years Old

There is no electric scooter on the market that says it should be used by kids under 8 years old.  Don’t even think about putting a six or seven year old on an electric scooter.  Be sure that your 8 or 9 year old is coordinated and mature enough to handle the responsibility of a motor driven vehicle.  They are required to follow all local laws at all times regardless of age.

Always Wear A Helmet

A helmet MUST always be worn when riding an electric scooter.  While the max speed of 10-15MPH depending on model doesn’t seem like very fast, it is when combined with the speed of a car that might be driving down your street.  I would also highly recommend knee and elbow pads as well.

Best Electric Scooter For a 9-12 Year Old – The Razor E100

electric razor scooterThe hands down winner here is the E100 electric scooter from Razor.  It’s lightweight, has a max speed of 10MPH, has a 40 minute battery life and costs under $125. The 10MPH max speed is generous, probably if you are going on a slight downhill.  On normal roads, expect around 8 MPH.  The Razor E100 can’t be started from a standing position, you have to be going at least 3-4 MPH (a couple of kicks).

Note that the weight limit on the E100 is 120lbs.  It’s not going to break, but you’ll find the top speed and ride time drops significantly as you cross the 120lbs weight limit, so plan accordingly.  It’s available in both red and pink.

There are other manufacturers out there, but I’ve read some complaints about the quality and the price as well.  Stick with the scooter experts and go with the Razor.

If you’re lucky you can find the E100 for under $100 by clicking HERE.  Makes it quite a steal.

Best Electric Scooter For a Teenager – The Razor E200

razor-e200-scooterIt should be no shock that the best electric scooter for kids 13 and up is also made by Razor.   The E200 is a nice step up from the E100 above.  The weight limit is 220 lbs and it has a top speed of around 13 MPH, much better for the typical teenager without a car trying to get somewhere faster.  It also boasts a 40 minute ride time per charge, and the same rules apply here.  The larger the rider, the shorter the ride time.

The E200 is pretty similar to the E100 above in terms of size.

You can find the E200 for under $160 by clicking here.