Razor Spark DLX Scooter – How Is It Different From The Razor Spark?


razor-spark-dlx-scooterWe’ve been seeing a bunch of questions lately about the difference between the new Razor Spark DLX and the original Razor Spark?  It is essentially the same scooter with a bunch of little upgrades to make it a better more attention getting ride.

The Razor Spark DLX Is Not Available Until Dec 15th

Looks like Razor had some major timing issues this year.  Many of their new products are coming out barely in time for the Holidays or directly after in early January.  That’s the first major difference, that as of writing this, the DLX Spark Scooter is not released yet.  It’s slated for release on December 15th.  If you are very lucky you might be able to get one before Christmas. You can pre-order one now by clicking here, which I would strongly recommend if you want to actually get one before the holidays.  Chances are they will sell out fast.

Full Length Grip Tape

The original Razor Spark Scooter just had grip tape on the the middle where the Razor logo was.  The new DLX has grip tape the full length and width of the desk for a better foot hold.

Light Up Scooter Wheels!

Ok, this is by far the coolest addition to the Razor Spark DLX kick scooter.  The wheels contain LED lights that light up when you ride!  No power or batteries necessary, the LEDs light up when the scooter wheels spin.  They likely are not bright enough to stand out during the day in most locations, but for late afternoon or evening riding, the new Razor DLX Spark Scooter can really light things up.

More Sparks!

razordlxsparkbarThe new DLX model Razor Spark advertises 50% more sparks.  That doesn’t mean longer flames shooting out of the back of the scooter, but just that the spark bar has 50% more spark material than the original.  So you can light up for longer on a single spark bar.

The biggest question remains though and we have yet to receive an official answer from Razor.  Can the replacement spark bars from the original Razor Spark be used with the new model and vice versa?  As soon as we get our hands on one of the new DLX models or hear the official word from Razor headquarters, we’ll let you know.



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