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Razor Ultra Pro Lo and Ultra Pro Scooter

razorultraproThe Razor Ultra Pro is the new top of the line scooter model from Razor.  It replaces the Pro (which is still available) as the top end of their scooter line.  The Ultra Pro is intended for the hardcore scooter rider who may bend or break traditional scooters while performing extreme tricks.  It was designed and tested by Team Razor, the Razor corporations professional scooter freestyle team, in order to maximize durability and performance.  It comes in two sizes, the Ultra Pro and the Ultra Pro Lo.

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The first major change is that this scooter does NOT have an adjustable height.  The downtube and handlebar assembly is one piece of welded aluminum.  So if you do not like the two sizes available, tough luck.  If you know someone with professional welding tools, you could probably cut the Ultra Pro down to the height you want, but it would likely throw of the designed balance of the scooter.  The Ultra Pro is 26″ high and 18″ wide.  The Ultra Pro Lo is 21″ high and 14″ wide.  That’s right, the Razor Ultra Pro Low has slightly smaller handlebars as well.

The second major change is that this scooter is NOT collapsible.  One of the hallmarks of the Razor scooter design has always been the collapsible handlebars which fold down to make the scooter easier to transport.  However it is also a major complaint of hardcore scooter riders, as the bolts that hold the down-tube to the deck can become loose and on some models are not able to be tightened.  The Razor UP down tube is double welded to the deck for maximum strength.  You can remove the handlebar pole, which makes the scooter easier to store.

razorultraproboxProblem is, it appears that Razor greatly underestimated the popularity of the new Ultra Pro and Ultra Pro Lo and pretty much every store is out of them, online or offline.  Either that or they had manufacturing issues and could not get them made in time for Christmas.  It’s as if they shipped every retailer one as a teaser and they quickly sold out.  Most retailers report that Razor will not be shipping these to stores until early next year, after the holiday season is over, but you never know.

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