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Razor Ultra Pro – The Best Trick Scooter

After what seems like a long long wait (we first reported on the Razor Ultra Pro and Razor Ultra Pro Lo scooters last fall), the Ultra Pro’s are finally widely available to buy.

You  won’t likely find a Razor Ultra Pro and especially a Razor Pro Lo at your local toy store, they are considered more of a specialty item.  The fact that they are not foldable makes them harder to stock at most retailers.  If anyone finds some at a large chain, let us know.

Click here to see the lowest price we’ve found on the Ultra Pro and Lo.

If you haven’t heard about them yet, Razor’s Ultra Pro line comes on the heels of complaints from high end scooter pro’s about the regular Razor Pro line.  If you’re looking for a more detailed and direct comparison, we’ll be featuring one here at Kids Scooters shortly.

The Ultra Pro and Ultra Pro Low fix some of the troubles that real hard core scooter tricksters with the traditional Razor’s.  Some of the Razor line’s greatest features for the casual scooterer is the portability.  The handlebar assembly telescopes and folds down to make it more compact for throwing in your trunk or carrying around a city when using it for transportation.  For doing scooter tricks though, the portability features of the Razor A, A2, A3 and Pro can actually be dangerous.  The last thing you want when completing a scooter move is to have your handlebars collapse, fold down or even worse break off as the one bolt that holds the thing together sheers off.

Thus the Ultra Pro line was born.  It’s welded together with a fixed handle bar post.  No more issues.  To handle both short and tall riders since the handlebar post isn’t adjustable, you get the Ultra Pro for tall and the Ultra Pro Lo for shorter riders.

As a general rule, get an Ultra Pro Lo for riders under 5′ 4″ and an Ultra Pro for anyone taller.  Personal preference here of course, but don’t buy your 11 year old scooter trickster an Ultra Pro.

Click here for more info on the Ultra Pro line

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  • I want that scooter! October 8, 2010, 12:03 pm

    Hi!!! I want that scooter so bad but not the low one and also the one with the dragon thingy on it

  • angelo October 10, 2010, 9:57 pm

    I am 12 and I ordered a ultra pro online. I am about 5 foot. this will fit right?

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