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Scooter Grips

31K5MBCTPHL._SL160_AA115_Scooter grips are not something you typically think about until after many sweaty scooter rides they start to disintegrate off the handles.  Getting replacement scooter grips can be kind of a pain as most local sporting stores and toy stores typically do not stock them, and if they do it is never in the color or style you are looking for. Plus it can be difficult to get the old ones off and the new ones on.

Your best bet for finding replacement scooter grips is to click here and check for the style and size that you want. It is by far the best place to find different styles and colors of replacement scooter handles.  They also have kits that include a full color matched set of wheels, bearings, grips, and grip end caps as well, if color coordinating is important to you it is a great option.

The grips are not hard to replace at all.  First off, you need to remove the old scooter grip.  The best method is to start at the inside and slowly roll the scooter handle over themselves until they are about half way rolled up.  Typically that will be enough to then just pull them the rest of the way off.

To get the new handles on, we suggest very slightly oiling the bare metal with a biodegradable vegetable oil, such as canola oil or cooking spray.  That way the oil will break down after a little while unlike  something like WD-40 which will likely cause your grips to slide off again.  Then work the grips onto the handles by giving them a little twist as you slide them on rather than trying to push them directly on. The video below shows a kid doing this with a lubricating oil, which you can certainly use but is not exactly recommended.

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