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Scooters For Girls

Here is a round up of the most popular kids scooters for girls.  Now we’re not huge fans of gender stereotypes here at Kids Scooters, but when most people think girls scooters, they think pink scooters, tassels, flowers, and all the rest.

Check out our pages on the best kids scooters if you’re looking for a gender neutral choice, because this page is all about those pretty pink scooters!

Best Girls Scooter – 2 Wheels

Your best bet for a great girls scooter is is the Sweet Pea Razor Cruiser Scooter from Razor.  It’s by far the highest quality scooter for girls on the market, being the top of the Razor line of non-professional scooters.  If your little girl is into bunnyhops, airwalks, grinding and barspins, look down below for professional level girl scooters especially made for doing tricks.

This pink razor scooter is based on their Cruiser line of scooters, which is intended for ages 5 and up, but more “up” than other razor scooters.  The regular Razor A line of scooters only supports up to 143 lbs of rider weight, so for many teenagers and adults, it’s not a good option.  The Cruiser line of scooters goes up to 180 lbs maximum weight, and thus can handle most teens and many adults as well.

Click here for more info on the Pink Cruiser Razor Scooter

Best Girls Toddler Scooter – 3 Wheels

We’re big fans of the Mini Kick scooter line here at Kids Scooters and this three wheeled pink girls scooter is no exception.  If you’re looking for a scooter for a younger girl, in the 3 to 5 year range, then this is the scooter for you.  The three wheel design with the double wheels in the front are what really make this scooter easy to ride for younger kids.  It’s easy to turn but difficult to tip over for a toddler.  Check out this video of the Mini Kick in action being ridden by a just turned three year old:

Cheap Girls Scooters

The only issue you could possibly find with the Mini Kick scooter is price.  At around $75, it’s not cheap, but in my opinion it’s well worth the extra cash.  If you are looking for a three wheeled toddler scooter at a lower price point, then the Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter Pink for around $35 is a great bet.

For an older girl looking for a two wheel scooter in a lower price point, look no further than the good old standby, the Pink Razor A Scooter.

Hello Kitty Scooter

Of course, how could you go wrong with a girls scooter that featured the ever popular girls icon, Hello Kitty.  Well you are in luck.  Razor came out with a Hello Kitty themed scooter a couple of years back and it’s still available today.

Click here for more details on the Pink Razor Hello Kitty scooter.

Pro Girls Scooters

Sadly, we weren’t able to find any stock pro level scooters made especially for girls.  None of the scooters listed above are built to withstand doing complex scooter tricks for very long.  However, if you want to build your own kick *ss girls pro scooter, check this out!

First, score yourself one of these two Pro model scooters.  Click on the images to see the best price:

Then, customize the heck out of it!  Nothing says serious pro level scooter trickster quite like a custom rig and you’ll be the envy of the skate park decked out like this.  Click on each of the images below for ordering info.

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