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The Flying Turtle – Side To Side Wiggle Scooters

No, I’m not talking about the very odd children’s singing group “The Wiggles”, I’m talking about scooters that you move by wiggling from side to side rather than kicking.

On what most people consider a standard kids scooter, you kick off with one foot while riding the scooter with the other.  Well, there are a whole class of side to side scooters that you might not even know about.  When I say side to side scooters, I mean the motion of the rider.   There is no kicking involved, merely swing your feet (or arms depending on the scooter) from side to side and that makes the scooter go.

They are also sometimes referred to as caster scooters, as they have casters for the rear wheels which provide the power to move the scooter forward as the rider swings the rear from side to side.

One of the first types of these caster scooters that was heavily advertised back in the late 1980s and early 1990s was the Original Flying Turtle scooter from The Mason Corporation, which looks nothing like the traditional stand up kick scooters of today.  It’s actually a sit down scooter that you move by swinging the handlebars from side to side which actually propels the scooter forward.

The Mason Corporation also markets a similar line of caster scooters under the name Roller Racer that is intended for institutional or amusement park use.   It uses thicker plastics and longer metal arms that make it slightly easier to ride.

It is intended for ages 3-12, although I think most 3 year olds will be too little and uncoordinated to really make use of this scooter, but it depends on the kid.  The Flying Turtle scooters have a suggested weight limit of 150 pounds.

Here is a video of the Flying Turtle scooters in action:

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