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Hi, and thanks for stopping by our kids scooters site!  Our kids have become huge scooter fans over the past couple of year, wanting to do little more on a nice day than to take one of their scooters out for a ride.

Over the past couple of years we’ve tried many different scooters over the years in the hopes of finding the very best kids scooter out there.  And now we’re going to share all that information about scootering with you dear reader!  Well, that’s if anyone ever actually reads this, but the children are excited about it so here we go!

If you have any scooter questions or comments, use the comment form below.  We’re going to try to give the best scooter suggestions for various age ranges, starting with toddler scooters, then the 5-7 year range, the 8-10 year range, tween scooters, on up to good scooters for teenagers including electric scooters.

First off, some safety tips.


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